Forest patio

On a hot day, this is where both office workers and all Forest visitors, including local residents, can find relief under the shade of tree crowns. The open courtyard, the rooftops and the area around the buildings are covered with 200 large trees and just as many bushes. Inspired by the atmosphere of a forest, the patio is crisscrossed by irregular paths that don’t divide the greenery but rather outline different zones. A part of the courtyard consists of hills lined with thicker undergrowth, where you can hole up in the shade. The remaining part is covered by a meadow that is a perfect spot to rest on a blanket or a deckchair. Making hot summer days more enjoyable is a fountain that produces a shiny surface effect.

200 large trees
200 shrubs
Forest patio

Rooftop garden

The spreading roof of the lower part of the campus is a vibrant public garden with numerous recreational areas. Lined with many species of plants, including flowers and herbs, it was designed in line with the philosophy of an urban garden overlooking the city skyline. In the garden, you can grow vegetables and herbs for personal use. Forest makes it available to the employees of its offices, as well as neighbours and children from the kindergarten located on the campus. You can enjoy your time on the rooftop however you like – resting, using the gym, tending to plants or taking in the beautiful view of Warsaw with a cup of coffee. The green rooftop is frequently a venue for cultural, entertainment and healthy lifestyle events that are popular with the local community.

Relaxation area
city panorama
The 2100 sq m rooftop garden and the 4500 sq m patio are a perfect venue for a special meeting, whether a business or informal one. We’ll be happy to make suggestions on how to make your dreams come true. Find out what we can do for you
The panorama of Warsaw viewed from the green area of Powązki makes for an unusual sight! Shots taken from our terrace will add a unique atmosphere to your film, and the view will serve as a perfect backdrop in any photo session. We also offer access to the lobby and spacious halls that embody the concept of biophilic design. Get in touch