FOREST - a green haven in the heart of the urban jungle.

We have been growing roots in urban jungles for a quarter of a century, creating safe and comfortable shelters for all sorts of species looking for a workspace for rent or even an hourly office rental. We pay close attention to their evolution and see their most important needs – both of lone hunters and those acting in packs, thus offering a wide range of smart office ideas. We perfectly understand that today’s world needs greenery. That is why we have created FOREST – the flexible office space for living, and for multiplying goods and ideas. To keep the balance, the world of corporate animals needs a friendly office space for rent to function in harmony. Only then it will achieve the assumed (ambitious) goals. FOREST is a unique workspace in Warsaw – a micro-universe in which the city permeates with nature, and business permeates with everyday life.

Workplaces perfect for both start-ups and corporations.

Thriving lobby and chillout zones in the patio and on green rooftops.

Office campus designed with people in mind.

Offices surrounded by greenery next to Arkadia shopping centre.




Warsaw FOREST is a green light in the tunnel of streets between Wola, Śródmieście and Żoliborz. At 14 Burakowska Street, there is an enclave for various growing urban species, which will soon ensure peaceful existence for dynamic Millennials, hard-working Corporuses and reflective Workadonts, who often need their own office space or just want to rent an office for a day. Fully accessible greeneries with an area of two football fields, a sunny glade and cosy terraces will give respite to all working creatures.




Imagine a friendly office space that lives its own life, despite the surrounding concrete. Imagine a multiplicity of fauna and flora living in harmony and driving one another for the common good. Imagine an ecosystem of workspace ideas perfectly suited to meet the needs of all species. Young Workadonts, who enter the urban life, will find space for their coworking center that fosters cooperation and making contacts. Individualists from the Hipsterus family will appreciate our small offices – cosy nests that ensure limitless existence. One of the endless Forest’s floors awaits impatiently for numerous populations of Meetings and Asaps in need of offices for rent to focus on their ritual brainstorms and feedbacks. And all this space to rent is hidden in a green zone which gives a sense of security to both shy Office-snakes and self-confident Presidentuses.



12. October. 2022

Feel well in Forest

05. October. 2022

Garden party in Forest

22. July. 2022

Forest is accessible to everyone



FOREST was designed by the local architectural office HRA Architekci run by outstanding architects: Wojciech Hermanowicz, Błażej Hermanowicz and Stanisław Rewski. Today, the company founding fathers cooperate with over a hundred people, which puts the company at the forefront of the largest Polish architectural offices.




HB Reavis is an international company with a mission to create a friendly unique work space for rent. We design, we build and manage such places as FOREST – a workspace in Warsaw – with tailored offices for all individuals who are looking for an office for rent. Each of our projects is designed for a unique atmosphere, favouring efficiency and creativity. Our mission is the well-being of users and local communities.

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