Small and urgent shopping during a break at work or slightly larger but quick on the way home? Żabka is perfect for this! Now this familiar convenience can be enjoyed by both employees an all visitors to the Forest office building.

The medical centre offers specialized consultations, occupational medicine, laboratory tests and basic diagnostics. Patients of the clinic can use underground parking. The building is equipped with facilities for people with disabilities.

Start your day by visiting the Gorąco Polecam! bakery and savour a cup of steaming coffee, fruit & vegetable cocktails and freshly baked bread.

The most demanding patients will enjoy Estell’s full range of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetology and aesthetic dentistry services. The offices are provided with innovative technologies and world-class medical and cosmetology equipment.

Events for employees

Forest is an open space for those who value an active lifestyle and the balance between work and rest. With them in mind, we hold numerous cultural, entertainment and healthy lifestyle events such as yoga classes, concerts, movie nights, workshops led by interesting people and food festivals.

More by HB Reavis App

More by HB Reavis is an indispensable and always up-to-date source of information on life at Forest, events organised on the campus and the local services and restaurants. In an optional version of the app, users can move freely across the common areas of the building without an access card, park more easily by booking parking spaces and sharing them with co-workers and guests, as well as control temperature and lighting individually if their office has been fitted with a proper zone measuring system. It also provides users with access to the concierge service.

You can download the More by HB Reavis app from App Store and Google Play. It is also available as a web app.


Concierge is a service available in the More by HB Reavis app that helps employees run their daily errands such as dry cleaning, car washing or flower delivery if they remember an important at the last minute.