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Forest is a plant-covered office campus where business and everyday life intersect. It’s not just a comfortable workspace but also a quiet haven for the working community and all visitors. Pay us a visit and find out what makes this place harmonious and unique!


Forest is a superbly organised office campus with 71,000 sq m of workspace and nearly 4,000 sq m of green areas. It follows the concept of biophilic design, or reintroducing nature into the human environment. With its lush indoor plants, green rooftop, patio, terraces, balconies and loggias, it gives office work a slightly different air so that everyone can feel good here, regardless of age.

Meet Forest

Green gardens

Your dreams of a Warsaw workspace where the air is fresh and ubiquitous greenery pleases the eye and the lungs come true here at Forest. Concealed among the trees of Powązki, the campus blends in with the green neighbourhood with its public rooftop garden and lush vegetation covering the large internal patio, offering passers-by a much-needed moment of respite.

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Do you move around the city on foot, by bike or by car? Or do you use public transport? Whichever you choose, we’ll show you how simple it is to get here!

Forest is situated at ul. Burakowska 14, at the intersection of transport routes that connect three districts of Warsaw, Wola, Śródmieście and Żoliborz.



The campus ground floor is a retail and service area, offering office workers and local residents not only cafés and restaurants but also a health and dental centre, a kindergarten and shops.

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Concierge is a service available in the More by HB Reavis app that helps employees run their daily errands such as dry cleaning, car washing or flower delivery if they remember an important at the last minute.

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More by HB Reavis is an indispensable and always up-to-date source of information on life at Forest, events organised on the campus and the local services and restaurants.


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