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Our mission is to deliver remarkable experiences to people’s lives through our real estate solutions. We design, build and manage real estate, from tailored offices to shopping centres to coworking spaces. The solutions used in our buildings have a positive impact on the productivity and well-being of their users and local communities.


Our Workspace-as-a-Service model of creating and operating offices is an approach known in other industries such as IT and city transport. It allows us to provide clients with a wide range of workspace lease services in a configuration that suits them best at the moment.

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More by HB Reavis mobile application is now available for Varso Place users. You can download it from AppStore or Google Play or find it on: moreapp.hbreavis.com
Planning a new office and relocation process based on surveys and observations of employees in their natural environment.
A platform that observes and analyses how your office is used.
Flexible fully-serviced office with a short-term lease.
Property and facility management services extended to include events and additional amenities for tenants.
Coworking spaces and a vibrant meeting place