Tenants praise the Forest tower with Eurobuild Award

The award-winning Forest office campus has already been acclaimed for its architecture, sustainability, inclusivity and beautiful gardens. Now it can boast of the Eurobuild Award 2023 for the best office building awarded based on tenant satisfaction surveys.

In a survey conducted by the organizers of Eurobuild Awards and Kantar Polska, multiple tenants expressed their opinions about as many as twenty examined office buildings from all over Poland. The best result and the title of “Tenant’s Favorite Office Building” went to the Forest in Warsaw, developed and managed by us. Tenants appreciate the excellent working conditions there, designed in line with the latest ESG trends. The sustainable features of the office campus help reduce carbon footprint, support biodiversity and maximize resources.

The office campus surrounded by greenery is a place that also provides a number of public functions. The spacious ground floors house a kindergarten, a bakery-cafe, a furniture showroom, a grocery store and a tourist equipment store. We planted over 200 trees and as many shrubs around the buildings. Lush vegetation can be found in the courtyard and the rooftop garden, which are accessible to everyone and are extremely popular among Warsaw residents.

In addition to the latest distinction, Forest was also honoured with the Warsaw Mayor’s Architectural Award, the Accessibility Leader title for its inclusiveness, an award in the “Warsaw in Flowers” competition for the best city garden, a Real Estate Impactor prize and an award from the Polish Green Building Council.

We would like to thank the entire HB Reavis team, and everyone involved in the design, construction and management of Forest, without whom as many awards would not be possible.