What happened in Forest this fall? Let’s reminisce!

Autumn is already behind us, but we have much to remember! The Forest office campus offered our building community many attractions that were a pleasant break from work or a moment of relaxation after a challenging day.

For us, the golden Polish autumn took on the flavors and colors of pumpkins. We started the season with a warming soup – pumpkin, of course.


The pumpkin zones on the green patio of Forest turned out to be a great backdrop for photos. We organized three setups: Insta corners with crates, haystacks, and pallet baskets, as well as an Insta frame.

Workshops on pumpkin painting and carving, creating unique designs in them, garnered great interest. Together, we crafted many amusing lanterns, also in the Halloween spirit.

How to make natural candles to enhance long winter evenings? We already know how, thanks to workshops where we made soy candles ourselves and discussed why it’s worthwhile to choose natural waxes and whether traditional paraffin candles really emit harmful fumes.


Traditionally, the Forest lobby has become a space for artists. The photography exhibition was presented by Alicja Bokina Photo, who seeks to capture with her lens the fleeting, beautiful moments of the surrounding world. She took photos from Mexico, Guatemala, Portugal, and Spain, among other places. Currently, there is an exhibition of paintings by Lidia Lisiecka, who creates expressive abstractions and impressionistic landscapes, inspired by nature.


The end of autumn heralds the opening of the ski service in our building. As usual, we remember all those who want to prepare their skis for the white madness.


Ahead of us is the holiday season, which will be full of events to warm up the festive mood. Be with us!


Przed nami okres świąteczny, który będzie obfitował w wydarzenia podgrzewające świąteczny nastrój. Bądźcie z nami!