Employees of Sweco will move into the offices on the fourth floor of Forest in June 2022. It is no coincidence that this engineering and architecture consultancy, which advises on sustainability and energy effectiveness, decided to relocate to our green campus in Warsaw.

 Numerous solutions introduced in Forest to reduce its carbon footprint have made it one of the greenest buildings in Poland, certified in the BREEAM New Construction, BREEAM Communities and WELL systems.

During an Autumn walk on its roof terrace, we had the opportunity to chat with Marcin Gawroński, Green Building Department Director at Sweco Polska.

What is more, he is also a member of the board of the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) – a non-profit organization that since 2008 aims to transform buildings, positively influencing their design, construction, and operations for the benefit of sustainable development.

Forest campus prides itself on lots of greenery around and on rooftops of its buildings. What else influenced Sweco to choose Forest for its new office in Warsaw?

Unquestionably its excellent location and access to public transport. Forest also attracts with its design and attention to detail, materials, biophilic approach and lush greenery. Besides, we wanted to have an office in a certified building. Preferably one that we assessed ourselves. This way we were certain that its standard is really at the highest level.

You are one of the most experienced BREEAM assessors in Poland, who analysed hundreds of buildings. Does it help in selecting one or is it a curse?

It definitely helps. First of all, my attention is drawn to a greater number of details, often such that are not visible at first glance (such as technical parameters of the systems and materials used). We were familiar with the Forest development for a few years, working together on the early conceptual phase of BREEAM Communities certification, a first in Poland. Currently, we are finalizing BREEAM New Construction certification at the ambitious Excellent level.

 How does office work look like at Sweco today? Is it a hybrid model, full-time, something in between? How the organization works across Europe?

At Sweco Polska we currently use a hybrid model, with an emphasis on office work and construction sites. For most of our teamwork this solution works best. Employees can also work remotely, and some use this option. A similar model is used in other Sweco Group offices that depend on the current epidemic situation in each country.