Construction works on our office campus have gone into high gear. Our latest Warsaw project is being developed on ul. Burakowska street, near the Arkadia shopping centre, in the northern part of the city centre.

We know this neighbourhood inside out; just a few hundred metres away, we built Gdański Business Center, one of the most comfortable places to work in the capital. Forest will ensure a healthy and creative environment for employees of different generations and fields, and for both corporations and startups.

With the former in mind, we designed one of Warsaw’s largest office spaces on a single floor while young entrepreneurs will appreciate a large co-working space and a less formal setting where life goes on after hours. With the employees and the local community in mind, we are going to place restaurants and coffee houses on the ground floors and a connecting courtyard and green areas the size of two football pitches between the buildings. After all, with that name comes great responsibility!

We plan to complete the earthworks by the end of this year. The lower part of Forest will be ready in December 2020. The 120-metre tower is scheduled for completion in autumn 2021.