The first stage of our campus is practically ready, with construction works wrapping up at the top of the nearby tower. We are happy to contribute to the development in this part of Warsaw, creating a mixed-use space for both businesses and residents to enjoy.

Forest is a project that has user well-being at its core. We use sustainable solutions and plant lots of greenery and then some, both inside and around our buildings. We were also inspired by nature when picking the colour scheme for the facade. Shades of brown cover parts of the facade in an irregular pattern, imitating tree bark. Rooftop gazebos and plant pots as well as intake vents on the patio were clad with rust-coloured corten steel. Depending on the season and lighting, it sparkles with a range of colours from reds and oranges to browns. This timeless material is also a nod to the old buildings of the nearby Lace Factory and the wall of the Powązki Cemetery.

Also, our project will involve a makeover of a large section of Burakowska Street. The renovation will begin this summer and last about six months, adding wider pavements, a bike path and bike stands, benches and energy-efficient street lamps as well as mature trees. The road will be resurfaced, and parking spaces will be reorganised.

One year from now, it will be a truly friendly part of the city.