Our Warsaw development won ‘Best Ecological Building’ in the Green Building Awards 2021, a prestigious competition organised by PLGBC.
Forest is a campus composed of two connected buildings. It’s a unique workspace in Warsaw that offers space for relaxation – not only to the people working in the buildings, but also for the surrounding community.
A number of different solutions work together to reduce the building’s energy use. These include BMS controlled, motion-sensor triggered external lighting together with LED light fittings that reduce energy consumption up to 35% compared to fluorescent lamps. This is in addition to a layout that increases the amount of natural light throughout the building, reducing the need for artificial light.
Openable windows allow for natural ventilation and free cooling. Energy efficient elevators with regenerative drives use up to 20% less energy. And with 507 bicycle stands, changing rooms with showers, the building encourages users to switch to more sustainable ways of commuting too.
Forest is an environment that invites you to spend time outdoors, with the equivalent of two football pitches’ worth of green spaces. More than a ‘green roof’, the park on top of the building helps with insulation and boasts community gardens that are open to all, including people with limited mobility.
Altogether, around 200 trees and 200 shrubs help reduce the heat island effect and provide much needed shade on hot summer days. To support biodiversity, there are also two insect hotels and bird shelters.
Forest already holds a BREEAM Communities certificate and is WELL Precertified. We also hope it will achieve BREEAM at the Excellent level, WELL at the Gold level and the WELL Health & Safety Rating.