Whether you are a parent who brought their child to the clinic, a person with a disability working at the Forest campus or someone who wants to get a panoramic view of Warsaw from our green rooftop, you are always welcome here. We designed Forest with everyone in mind. This is why it was awarded the “Obiekt bez barier” certificate by Fundacja Integracja.

We designed the Forest office campus at ul. Burakowska in Warsaw as a unique location for office workers, the nearby community and all visitors. What creates its unique atmosphere is not just the plants growing on the patio, the public roof gardens or its spacious interiors. Most importantly, it is created by the principle of making every visitor feel good here.

“We made sure to make the building accessible to people with special needs already at the design stage, which allowed us to avoid ‘tagging on’ lifts and ramps,” says Zofia Kijak, ESG & Sustainability Coordinator at HB Reavis. Previously, the building was certified against BREEAM Communities, a unique certificate in Poland and Europe. It is awarded to places that meet the needs of the local community and are integrated into the urban fabric particularly well.

Ewelina Mikołajczewska, Development Manager at HB Reavis, explains what exactly the amenities at Forest are: “People with disabilities can quickly contact security on main circulation routes and at entrances to the building. In addition, motion sensors make it easier for them to enter the building and individual rooms. Next to revolving doors at the main entrances there are traditional doors opened with a button. There are no stairs around the building.”

Other facilities include specially programmed access cards that call lifts to specific floors at the level of access gates. That way, an employee with a disability who works on the 4th floor does not have to use the console to call a lift. The lifts are also fitted with a voice interface.

The Forest campus is our latest office building to receive the “Obiekt bez barier” (No barriers) certificate. It was previously awarded by Fundacja Integracja to Varso Place.

Read more about the “Obiekt bez barier” certificate at Integracja.org.